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rencontres de la photographie arles 2014 eaton-ups-familyOUR TOP SELLING PRODUCT IS UPS SYSTEMS.

An uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is a device that allows electronic appliances to keep running for at least a short time when the primary power source is lost. It also provides protection from power surges. We only stock the high quality EATON UPS range as we believe Eaton offers the best quality UPS systems available in our current market.

23 dating a 31 year old Eaton is a global technology leader in diversified power management solutions that make electrical, hydraulic and mechanical power operate more efficiently, effectively, safely and sustainably. We have various Eaton UPS and EBM (battery packs) combinations for any setup ranging from 10min to 24 hours! we have tower models and rack mount units which is ideal for a server room.

We will be delighted to do a site visit to your premises (house or business) to work out a solution to meet your needs. we also have a wide range of ups batteries available which include our 12v top-seller, our housebrand “sacred sun” which are imported from Pakistan.

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inverter solar 4 africaWe stock a wide variety of inverters ranging from 1000w 12v to 6000w 48v inverters. An inverter is an electronic device or circuitry that changes direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC). The input voltage, output voltage and frequency, and overall power handling depend on the design of the specific device or circuitry. The inverter does not produce any power; the power is provided by the DC source. A power inverter can be entirely electronic or may be a combination of mechanical effects (such as a rotary apparatus) and electronic circuitry.

What size inverter should I buy?

We carry many different sizes, and several brands of power inverters.

Victron-Phoemix-Inverter-C-12-1200The size you choose depends on the watts (or amps) of what you want to run (find the power consumption by referring to the specification plate on the appliance or tool). We recommend you buy a larger model than you think you’ll need (at least 10% to 20% more than your largest load).

Example: You want to power a computer with a 17″ monitor, some lights, and a radio.

Computer: 300 Watts
2 – 60 Watt lights: 120 Watts
Radio: 10 Watts
Total Needed: 430 Watts

For this application, you would minimally need a 500 W inverter, and should give some thought to a larger one, as there will likely be a time when you wish you had bought a larger model!

Helpful formulas:

To Convert AMPS to WATTS:

Multiply: AMPS X 120 (AC voltage) = WATTS
This formula yields a close approximation of the continuous load of the appliance

To Calculate approximate Startup Load:

Multiply: WATTS X 2 = Starting Load
This formula yields a close approximation of the starting load of the appliance, though some may require an even greater starting load. NOTE: Induction motors such as air conditioners, refrigerators, freezers and pumps may have a start up surge of 3 to 7 times the continuous rating.

Most often the start up load of the appliance or power tool determines whether an inverter has the capability to power it.

For example, you have a freezer with a continuous load of 4 amps, and a start up load of 12 amps:

4 amps x 120 volts = 480 watts continuous
12 amps x 120 volts = 1440 watts starting load

You would need an inverter with peak-surge rating greater than 1440 watts.

FORMULA to convert AC Watts to DC Amps:

AC Watts divided by 12 x 1.1 = DC Amps
(this is the size vehicle alternator you would need to keep up with a specific load; for example, to keep up with a continuous draw of 1000 watts, you would need a 91 amp alternator)

We also stock the batteries and cabling for these units.


r4a040403_420PRgenerator_642x462We recently partnered with a company in Johannesburg (listed on the JSE) to ensure that we are able to offer high quality generators to the public at low costs.  We stock stand-by, prime power and telecom generators. We believe in quality and currently only stock the following brands: John Deere, Mitsubishi, Faw, Doosan, Volvo and Perkins

LargeFrame_(6000watts,13.5HP,404ccSubaru)_502980_642x462Standby Generators keep the power on when there is a disruption to electricity supply.

Prime power generators function as the main source of power – normally in remote areas where there is no access to electricity supply / the grid. These gensets are designed to operate efficiently over extended periods of time. We offer diesel generators specifically suited to telecommunications. Ask us about specifications.


cp visionWe stock a wide range of batteries to meet your needs. Our top seller is the vrla battery. A VRLA battery (valve-regulated lead-acid battery) is more commonly known as a “sealed battery”. Due to their construction, they can be mounted in any location and position, and do not require constant maintenance.

They are widely used in large portable electrical devices, off-grid power systems and similar roles, where large amounts of storage are needed at a lower cost than other low-maintenance technologies like lithium-ion. we use these batteries in our ups systems, inverters etc.

There are two main types of VRLA batteries, gel cells and AGM (absorbed glass mat). Both designs offer advantages and disadvantages compared to conventional batteries, as well as each other. ask our technicians for more information on these comparisons.

We also stock the lead–acid battery. this is the oldest type of rechargeable battery on the market. Despite having a very low energy-to-weight ratio and a low energy-to-volume ratio, its ability to supply high surge currents means that the cells have a fairly large power-to-weight ratio. These features, along with their low price, makes it attractive for use in motor vehicles to provide the high current required by automobile starter motors. these batteries can also be used with inverters.

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Another popular battery is our range of deep cycle batteries. A deep-cycle battery is a lead-acid battery designed to be regularly deeply discharged using most of its capacity. In contrast, car batteries are designed to deliver short, high-current bursts for cranking the engine, thus frequently discharging only a small part of their capacity.

ubWhile a deep-cycle battery can be used as a starting battery, the lower “cranking current” IMPLIES that an oversized battery may be required. A deep-cycle battery is designed to discharge between 45% and 75% of its capacity, depending on the manufacturer and the construction of the battery. Although these batteries can be cycled down to 20% charge, the best lifespan vs cost method is to keep the average cycle at about 45% discharge.


Amandla group recently partnered with a leading solar importer and are now offering these solar products at factory costs directly to the public. Solar panels are made up of photovoltaic cells which convert natural sunlight into direct current (DC) electricity.

These solar panels are installed on your roof and the photons (sunlight particles) are converted into electrons of DC. The electricity flows from the solar panel into an inverter and other electric safety devices where the DC power is converted to alternating current (AC) power.

The AC power is the equivalent of standard household electricity used for your television, computer, toaster, and other appliances. The AC power travels from the inverter to the electric panel and becomes available to service all your electrical needs. our technicians will gladly assist to make sure all your requirements are met.


emergency-lighting-29464-4864769We can offer a wide range of emergency lights where you have the option of choosing lights with or without battery backup or connection to the general battery backup system.

These lights are part of the Eaton Cooper range and are trusted as high quality and endurable products in the industry.

69738 LED N2LPS Emergency Lighing System16U386_AS01


ups-battery-installWe offer maintenance and project management services mainly focusing on commercial and industrial buildings. Having done jobs for major companies in the Western Cape, Amandla Group is becoming a trusted name in the industry.

Our services include installations of electrical systems and back-up systems, as well as maintenance on general electrical systems and commercial buildings.

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